Our Message

Chairman - Mr. Hideo Sawada Says in his Message 

''The travel industry is synonymous with the peace, health and communication industries. Unless there is peace, people do not have the desire to travel. Going on a trip and escaping from daily life relieves people of stress, refreshing them and giving them new vigor. People also come into contact with locals and other travelers at their destination, giving them the opportunity to learn about the history, industry and culture of other countries. Through the travel industry, we hope to continue to lessen unnecessary conflict and contribute to a more dynamic world by giving people the chance to develop a deeper understanding of each other in such way.''

President - Mr. Akira Hirabayashi says that in his Message

''H.I.S. believes that it is an opportunity for a new challenge. In today’s society where the border between the travel industry and the information industry is not clearly defined, we will transform into a new H.I.S. full of young blood whilst maintaining venture spirit of our establishment. We will continue to develop new business models to create more accessible and more independent world travels and establish the world brand “H.I.S.''

We endeavor to further enhance this international network to enable our customers get the best time possible regardless of the destination. Our goal is to fully satisfy every customer in our country

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